Nobody Knows

Nothing seems clearer. As I sit in front of the mirror. In my dressing room’s darkness. A knock shouts, “10 minutes!” Years of laughs and cheers! There’s a part of me living in tears. Crowds coming to see me every night. An illusion is their only sight. They see me smile and laugh a lot. On the outside you may think, I’m happy with the … Continue reading Nobody Knows

I’ll See You In Heaven

Sitting at home, lost in a stare. Looking at your bed and remembering you there. Heart broken soul, filled with tears. Wishing your doctor was wrong, so you could be here. You were more than my love. Could never imagine you so high Above. Wishing I could visit you in the sky, where I could just see your eyes. Remembering when we had more. The … Continue reading I’ll See You In Heaven