Paw Prints In The Sand

Saw you in the sun today.  Bright as can be, you shined on the darkness of my day. There are days when I rise and fall.  Wishing you could be there when your name I call. As I walk this storm, always missing you. Though we’re worlds apart, my heart will remain true. One thing I will always do, Is continue believing, I will find … Continue reading Paw Prints In The Sand

A Little Older

Our sweet Mickey, 15 and it shows.  Moving quietly and ever so slow. Always sleeping.  Always at rest.  Everyday we have him, we feel so blessed. Holding you we hear each breath.  Taking us back to when we met. Another day the sun goes down.  Hoping tomorrow, we hear your footstep sounds. Wishing it wasn’t as it seems.  We live a life, found only in … Continue reading A Little Older