Paw Prints In The Sand

Saw you in the sun today.  Bright as can be, you shined on the darkness of my day. There are days when I rise and fall.  Wishing you could be there when your name I call. As I walk this storm, always missing you. Though we’re worlds apart, my heart will remain true. One thing I will always do, Is continue believing, I will find … Continue reading Paw Prints In The Sand

I’m Still Here

Mommy, I’m still here. Very close and always near. Look and you’ll find. I’m just a moment behind. Not within your sight. Watching you from Heaven, know I’m alright. Though you can’t see me with your eyes. Know your heart doesn’t lie. I don’t want you crying and shedding so many tears. Just remember us and all our memorable years. Whatever you believe, know life … Continue reading I’m Still Here

Nobody Knows

Nothing seems clearer. As I sit in front of the mirror. In my dressing room’s darkness. A knock shouts, “10 minutes!” Years of laughs and cheers! There’s a part of me living in tears. Crowds coming to see me every night. An illusion is their only sight. They see me smile and laugh a lot. On the outside you may think, I’m happy with the … Continue reading Nobody Knows

A Soldier’s Wife

Sitting here it all replays so clear. Feels like a long time ago…the military car pulling up so slow. Taking me back when I let you go, wish this was something I didn’t have to know. Uncontrollably, I started to shiver for news they were about to deliver. Something deep inside told me this was the day our music died. Thinking any moment you’d be … Continue reading A Soldier’s Wife