Paw Prints In The Sand

Saw you in the sun today.  Bright as can be, you shined on the darkness of my day. There are days when I rise and fall.  Wishing you could be there when your name I call. As I walk this storm, always missing you. Though we’re worlds apart, my heart will remain true. One thing I will always do, Is continue believing, I will find … Continue reading Paw Prints In The Sand

A Hero Comes Home

Thousands of miles from home. Surrounded by so many men, yet feeling so alone. My mind was blank. All I kept thinking was you and getting back. Believing I was going to make a difference, thinking my actions were somehow the a answer. Scared and afraid, how can I win in this disaster? Wish this was all some crazy dream, seeing all the destruction I’ve … Continue reading A Hero Comes Home

I’m Still Here

Mommy, I’m still here. Very close and always near. Look and you’ll find. I’m just a moment behind. Not within your sight. Watching you from Heaven, know I’m alright. Though you can’t see me with your eyes. Know your heart doesn’t lie. I don’t want you crying and shedding so many tears. Just remember us and all our memorable years. Whatever you believe, know life … Continue reading I’m Still Here

Nobody Knows

Nothing seems clearer. As I sit in front of the mirror. In my dressing room’s darkness. A knock shouts, “10 minutes!” Years of laughs and cheers! There’s a part of me living in tears. Crowds coming to see me every night. An illusion is their only sight. They see me smile and laugh a lot. On the outside you may think, I’m happy with the … Continue reading Nobody Knows

A Little Older

Our sweet Mickey, 15 and it shows.  Moving quietly and ever so slow. Always sleeping.  Always at rest.  Everyday we have him, we feel so blessed. Holding you we hear each breath.  Taking us back to when we met. Another day the sun goes down.  Hoping tomorrow, we hear your footstep sounds. Wishing it wasn’t as it seems.  We live a life, found only in … Continue reading A Little Older

I’ll See You In Heaven

Sitting at home, lost in a stare. Looking at your bed and remembering you there. Heart broken soul, filled with tears. Wishing your doctor was wrong, so you could be here. You were more than my love. Could never imagine you so high Above. Wishing I could visit you in the sky, where I could just see your eyes. Remembering when we had more. The … Continue reading I’ll See You In Heaven

A Soldier’s Wife

Sitting here it all replays so clear. Feels like a long time ago…the military car pulling up so slow. Taking me back when I let you go, wish this was something I didn’t have to know. Uncontrollably, I started to shiver for news they were about to deliver. Something deep inside told me this was the day our music died. Thinking any moment you’d be … Continue reading A Soldier’s Wife