Paw Prints In The Sand


Saw you in the sun today.  Bright as can be, you shined on the darkness of my day.

There are days when I rise and fall.  Wishing you could be there when your name I call.

As I walk this storm, always missing you.

Though we’re worlds apart, my heart will remain true.

One thing I will always do, Is continue believing, I will find you.

As your flame burns in my heart, I hear you in the wind.  It drives me on and keeps you from dying.

Someday after my years have passed, I will write my final chapter.  With all the colors that each page once shown, now fading ever after.

Tonight, your star won’t be so far away.  Tonight will be that night.

As I walk into the night, the midnight sky will be my light.

Finding myself by the ocean blue.  As each wave carries a reflection of you.

You’ve lived inside my heart.  No longer will life keep me in the dark.

Hoping once again, I see your eyes.  Believing in you is what has kept me alive.

Tonight, I’m hoping for an answer.  As I look forward to my quiet surrender.

With my hand trembling slow, I write your name in the sands glow.

As my heart starts to slow, my eyes begin to close.

With one whisper into the cold, a final wish I tell my soul,

“Keep looking for you, and never let go.”

As I start to dream, a familiar sound I hear.  Coming to me, I see you running here!

Looking far across the sand.  Running towards my open hands!

Through my tears and smile.  I know I’m not going to be alone.  Tonight, you’re taking me home.

As I see you, my little friend, here we are again.

I never believed the end had begun.  I always knew, this day would come.

Touching you softly, I can’t seem to believe.  Your eyes looking back at me, promising you’ll never leave.

Here with me, happy tears I cry.  Holding you, your tail wags so high!

Getting up, we start walking.  So happy, as I hear you barking!

At first, I didn’t understand.  Why couldn’t I see your paw prints in the sand?

As I turned around, I could clearly see why, as my tears stopped and dried.

With you by my side,

It was me who finally died.



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