The Runner

The Runner

I awake with a thought of your touch.
Quietly getting up,
not saying too much.
Getting ready, I’m leaving.
Past are the days of endless grieving.
I whisper through a tear.
“Today I run for you, my Dear.
Doesn’t matter what they say. For you, I’ll find a way.”
Walking out the door.
Something we did a thousand times before.
Our picture still on the wall.
Help me today, help not to fall.
Life never giving a reason or clue.
Never thought I’d be living without you.
Missing the joy in your eyes.
Wish we could take back that sad word, goodbye.
The sun barely rising.
Each bird, quietly singing.
For us I’ll live this dream.
Forever being our theme.
Lead me through this day,
and help me find my way.
A lesson from all it gives and takes.
Wishing life had made a mistake.
I still had much to say.
Missing you each and everyday.
Please help me comprehend our story as it unfolds.
With future one’s, that have yet to be told.
You are the reason this is happening.
My inspiration will be our beginning.
I will make it through.
For this, I must do.
Arriving at the starting line.
Eyes closed, I search for a sign;
as your voice quietly whispers through my mind,
“My love, you are too kind.
I’ll be there to guide you.
Forever I will love you.
There was no mistake. This is the road you must take.
My promise is in the air.
Always know, I am right there.
Through every turn, I’ll be near you.
Giving you strength to fight through!
I’ll come anytime you call.
Promising you, I won’t let you fall.
I’ll never go away.
Watching you each and everyday.
Take your time, I won’t go anywhere.
Feel me in the wind as you run through the air.
My love will help you break this spell.
I am here for you, just believe in yourself.”
Mile 24, two more to go.
Bruised and broken, for you each word spoken.
Pushing through, I will not stop!
My determination will keep me up.
Every step under the burning sun.
You are the only reason I continue to run.
Hurting are my legs and heels, for they will never compare to the pain I feel!
Not finishing, I will not dare.
As I pass people cheering, “You’re almost there!”
I will not settle, I will not conform!
Your soul will take me through this dark storm.
Screaming from my core, as the world watches me transform!
For you, I run to find an answer.
Remembering the day you died from Cancer.
I run with no faith;
your love is my only strength.
As your memory flows through my veins, I will continue saying your name!
Crossing the finish line; hoping I saved someone’s life!
Raising my arms, I yelled, “THIS WAS FOR MY WIFE!”
Catching my breath,
the crowds cheer!
As reflections of you fall through each tear.
Looking up to the sky,
birds circling and mesmerize.
As I whispered, “Thank you for not letting me compromise.
Because of you, I was able to rise.
Each step I took was through your Eyes.
Thank you for being my Angel in the sky!

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