I’m Still Here

Paw in the Sky

Mommy, I’m still here.
Very close and always near.
Look and you’ll find.
I’m just a moment behind.
Not within your sight.
Watching you from Heaven,
know I’m alright.
Though you can’t see me with your eyes.
Know your heart doesn’t lie.
I don’t want you crying and shedding so many tears.
Just remember us and all our memorable years.
Whatever you believe, know life had other plans for me to do.
Know in your heart, I will always be with you.
Even though it may seem so,
I haven’t left you.
Next to you at home,
you are never alone.
After all is said and done.
Look high above and you’ll see our reflection in the sun.
Hearing you whisper a loving prayer.
Know, I am right there.
Every word spoken.
Every thought given;
reaches me here, up in Heaven.
Have faith in what you can’t see.
Your heart beating still runs through me.
You’ll find me in the glow of a candles light.
Burning throughout the still of the night.
Our love will continue to grow.
Shining forever, and always show.
The truth, you weren’t ready to hear.
Know, I live in the reflection of each falling tear.
Our memories will keep you strong.
As you whisper my lullaby song.
Find me in your soul.
My heart’s still young and will never grow old.
Safe in your thoughts.
You’re always with me.
Protected in your heart.
Your Love will always keep me.
One day we’ll be back together.
Across the stars where we will play on forever!
Though others will never understand it.
Believe that Angels may have planned it.
Though our world has crumbled.
Our dreams will still come true.
Always know, you’re not alone.
For I will always Love You.
Remember my eyes and recall each memory.
And always know, how happy you made me.
Live your life Mommy, and remember me now and then.
Believe me, we will see each other once again.
Feel better, feel well,
and always know….
This will never be
our Farewell.

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