I’ll See You In Heaven

Lucky Howling

Sitting at home, lost in a stare.

Looking at your bed and remembering you there.

Heart broken soul, filled with tears.

Wishing your doctor was wrong, so you could be here.

You were more than my love.

Could never imagine you so high Above.

Wishing I could visit you in the sky, where I could just see your eyes.

Remembering when we had more.

The simple sounds of you running across the floor.

On my own, as I learn to walk this path alone.

You were my everything.
Questioning life and all in between.

You live in my dreams.
Wondering if you knew what you meant to me?

Your memory lives in my heart.

The same thoughts that tearing me apart!

Life’s plan is something I’ll never accept.

My dreams are where you take another breath.

Wishing nothing was wrong.

My last thoughts as you quietly on.

So many changes we’ve been through.
Always know, I’ll never stop loving you.

I promise, as I cry.
For both of us, I will live our lives.

Your sweet barks I once heard.

Never again will you walk this Earth.

Welcoming my years getting older.
Waiting for the day I’ll see you when I cross over.

It won’t be too long.
One day soon, we’ll be singing our song.

Seeing the light, where you’ll greet me at first sight!

Finding you young and small.
With no barriers at all.

A life so inevitable, in a place so beautiful!

With no care in the day.
Having all the time to run and play!

Across the stars, and beyond the sun, we are together as one!

Living a new journey to replay again.
With no signs of an early end.

Singing our song we once sung.
As I embrace your love, forever young!

With no tears to ever cry.
With no sadness to ask why.

A place of no time to pass by.

Where our love will live on and never die.

A place where we will never again,
have to say that sad word, goodbye.

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