A Little Older


Our sweet Mickey, 15 and it shows.  Moving quietly and ever so slow.

Always sleeping.  Always at rest.  Everyday we have him, we feel so blessed.

Holding you we hear each breath.  Taking us back to when we met.

Another day the sun goes down.  Hoping tomorrow, we hear your footstep sounds.

Wishing it wasn’t as it seems.  We live a life, found only in dreams.

In our hearts we will always find, so many fun, happy times.

So hard to admit your age.  Wishing life didn’t have to change.

Your soul, forever with me.  It is there where you will always be.

Watching you lay on the grass outside.  Your heart I embrace on the inside.

Each memory I will forever keep.  As I watch you, quietly sleep.

Searching for the peace in your eyes, you show us love in each sunrise.

Never want you to disappear.  It’s hard to think, we may be near.

The sound of your sweet bark, is forever engraved across our hearts.

Closing our eyes, you catch every tear.  As your heart beats soft and clear.

Never want you to leave our sight.  As we hold you each and every night.

Still so much to say.  Wishing our love could stand in your way.

Missing the little thing you can’t do.  As we watch your youth, slowly leave you.

It’s our hearts you constantly lift.  From day one, you have always been our gift.

Knowing that life can leave us empty handed.  We never take a moment for granted.

Holding back tears, It’s so hard not to cry, as we sing your nightly lullaby.

Needing you more each and everyday.  Hoping our goodbye is still so far away.

Whatever life decides to do, always know you are our greatest dream come true.

For you are the love across our sky.  Holding you, happy tears we cry.

Shining a brighter blue, everyday, because of you.

Looking back, your love helped us make it through.

Forever in our hearts, we will always love you.







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