A Soldier’s Wife

Soldiers Wife

Sitting here it all replays so clear. Feels like a long time ago…the military car pulling up so slow.
Taking me back when I let you go, wish this was something I didn’t have to know.
Uncontrollably, I started to shiver for news they were about to deliver.
Something deep inside told me this was the day our music died.
Thinking any moment you’d be walking in, as I sat and cried in our den.
Your jacket still on the chair, I can’t imagine you not sitting there.
The letters you wrote me waiting in our mailbox, now just a memory in each teardrop.
Words written on each card would leave me floating somewhere within my heart.
Taking us to a start when it would all begin, leaving us with a child like innocence.
Nothing I touch makes sense anymore, wondering what this life was for?
Day dreaming into the wind, the reality of life always pulls me back in.
As life closes our door, I just can’t believe you’re not here anymore.
With nothing to find, every step forward is a memory of a life left behind.
The world will continue to turn as I’m left with a life I must relearn.
Each breath I take life steals; no one will ever know how bad this feels.
I just can’t stop from grieving; wish I could have stopped you the day you were leaving.
Falling into a dream I see you at my door.
Standing there in the rain, you help ease my pain.
It is there where you rise, as you whisper “You never died.” Gently touching my hair, believing your presence is really there.
Telling me you’ll wait for me on the other side, as I search my soul the answers I will find.
Promising me you’ll visit me in every dream, holding me to help me believe.
Gently you kiss my eyes, you tell me you’ll be there in every sunrise.
There is still something special waiting for us. I just need to believe and trust…
I slowly awake and stir… wiping away a tear, our dream I will always remember.
Standing in front of this wall so high, I read each soldiers name and quietly sigh.
We will never know what they were going through, as they stood strong and fought with you.
A million names…a million screams…each one forever to haunt my dreams.
So many lost brothers, as I look around at the crying mothers.
The wars through the ages have taken so many lives.
I think about each soldier’s face, and the fear in their eyes.
Know your actions made a difference…
Giving us a chance to have a better existence.
The wind carries the voices of all that have vanished and gone.
Forever your bravery will live on, for they are the heroes who have truly won!
Your heart filled with so much courage and fire,
I will honor your life, forever to admire.
Promising you, I always lift your name to the stars and higher!

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