A Hero Comes Home

Alone Soldier.jpg

Thousands of miles from home.
Surrounded by so many men, yet feeling so alone.
My mind was blank. All I kept thinking was you and getting back.
Believing I was going to make a difference, thinking my actions were somehow the a
Scared and afraid, how can I win in this disaster?
Wish this was all some crazy dream, seeing all the destruction I’ve seen.
They came over the hills and across the sea, bringing so much pain and misery.
Many trying to flee, wanting so much to be free.
I passed each body with horror, their eyes silently staring back at me.
So much evil we try to fight, fires burning into the night.
Alone, I can’t make it right.
Friend or foe, what was this for?! So hard to tell, as I try to escape this kind of Hell!
Bombs and explosions all around, the horrible screams of men falling to the ground.
Hard to see in this mist as the enemy moves and twists, with so much blood, my soul will never be at rest!
Religious chants were phrased, nothing but fear across each man’s face. How were we ever going to get out of this place?!
So many were lost and broken, all I kept hearing were words that will never again be spoken.
Many start to cry. Giving up, their hands held to the sky!
The enemy taking no prisoners, as I watched my friends slowly burn!
Shaking from so much harm, I found it impossible to think and remain calm.
With no way to get through, I’m sorry but your life I must take too!
There’s no turning back. If I want to live it’s you I must attack!
With no sign of an end, I can’t imagine anyone will win.
Nothing but piles of human walls, I can’t believe these are my friends as I watch each one fall.
Staying low to the ground, with gun fire all around! My heart beating is the loudest sound!
With me here and you so far away, I’m so sorry, but something tells me this is my final day.
With so much confusion, coming home to you is now an illusion.
A bad lesson learned, as I realized I took a wrong turn.
The enemy had me in their sight. With their guns drawn, I fight my final fight.
Laying on the ground all I can see is my shallow breath, and I try to accept my certain death.
My last moments as I stare into the sky. Try to hear me and understand my “why.”
I came here for you and I’m willing to die!
In your heart I survived, feel me deep inside. Each breath you take will always give me life.
Walking down that same path, my spirit still holds your hand, remembering all we ever had.
Know my sacrifice was to protect you from a world gone so wrong. For me, continue this life and live on.
While my spirit moves on and leaves my body at peace. Know my love for you will never be released.
With my final breath, somewhere between life and death, hear me whisper, “As I stumble and fall, fighting this war, for you I gave it my all.”
Bleeding slowing in the dark, somehow it’s you who saves my heart.
Though I must go, you’ll never be alone. As a part of me remains, I’m finally coming home.

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